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Carrollton Jazz Orchestra

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Carrollton Jazz Orchestra is a twenty-piece jazz band in residence at the Center for the Arts in Carrollton, Georgia.   Constructed in the traditional instrumentation of the “big band”, with saxophone, trombone, trumpet and rhythm sections augmented as need by additional reeds, brass, and percussion, CJO is a collective of selected musicians including soloists, ensemble players and composer/arrangers who value the creative opportunity to rehearse and perform challenging and complex jazz in the context of a contemporary jazz orchestra format. Our musicians come from a broad spectrum of musical and personal backgrounds including professional musicians (both civilian and military), music educators, and other professionals, all of whom share a love and respect for this music. Our members have played virtually every genre of music from the sacred to the profane, in virtually every type of musical ensemble from chamber orchestras to funk bands, and in virtually every venue from international concert halls to nightclubs (complete with chicken wire protecting the stage).

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